Lions In Sight

Lions in Sight have been an MD-4 endorsed project since 1991.  Its four charter objectives are:

  • To serve as the Official Lions International Eyeglass Recycling Center for the western United States.
  • To conduct clinic trips to developing nations to give eye examinations and prescribe recycled eyeglasses to those in need, free of charge.
  • To provide used eyeglasses to Lions Clubs world-wide and to ensure the eyeglasses are appropriately prescribed and distributed.
  • To expand the capability of Lions in MD-4 to provide to provide free primary eye care to the needy in their district.

Join the “Lions in Sight Family” by becoming a:

  1. Club Member    $9 per member per year
  2. Life Member    $500 (payable $100 a year)
  3. Wayne Cannon Patron of Sight Fellow    $1,000 (payable $200 a year)

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