Hearing Aid Project

Hearing aidLCIF has approved $600,000 to help develop, manufacture and distribute the world’s finest low-cost hearing aid. The long-range plan is for Lions worldwide to take a leading role in improving the lives of millions of hearing impaired people. The AHAP is an initiative of U.S.-based Project Impact. Lions are the sole service organization affiliated with AHAP and have exclusive rights for non-profit distribution in the United States. Lions in Multiple District 19 (Washington state) and MD 324 (India) have set up delivery models in a developed and a developing country. Lions are playing a crucial role in creating awareness of the hearing aid, organizing outreach activities, assisting in marketing and coordinating follow-up for clients.

There are some forms to be filled out, however, the District Governor currently has only one set. You may obtain the forms directly from PDG Carl E. Burson (4-C5). Write, phone, fax or email your request to:

Lions Hearing Aid Program
Carl E. Burson, Jr., PDG
6905 Poca Montoya Dr
Granite Bay, CA 95746
(H) 916-791-7042
(B&F) 916-791-3547
email: bristlecone@rcsis.com

Currently the program is being implemented through:

Sacramento Hearing Center
1800 28th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

As more information is forthcoming, we may be able to arrange for a closer location within 4-C1.  This is the program that is available to clubs for assisting the hearing impaired and, for a slightly higher price, to Lions in good standing for their personal use. We hope eventually to be able to circulate more complete information to all of the clubs. More sets of the forms may be available from DG Chuck or DGE Bob after the June Council of Governors meeting.